Understanding badges on service provider profiles

You'll have noticed the many badges on the Yoojo service provider profiles.

This is one of the many ways we can help you sort through the different profiles, according to your needs and values.

At a glance, you'll be able to distinguish the service providers who stand out from the crowd.

We'll explain it all to you at Yoojo badges!


NEW service provider

Thanks to this badge, you can immediately identify new service providers whose profile has just been checked by our teams.

Because at Yoojo, we want to help all entrepreneurs develop their business, we're giving you €5 credit if you're the first customer to book their services!



Because ecology is at the heart of many customers' concerns, you can now give preference to service providers who live close to you.

Here's what the 3 levels mean for this badge

3 green leaves: the service provider is 3 km or less away
2 green leaves: the service provider is between 3 and 6 km away
1 green leaf: the service provider is between 6 and 10 km away.


OFFER" badge

Don't know anything about the rates charged by personal service experts?

Don't worry, Yoojo will sort them out for you and highlight quality service providers who offer affordable rates.

Here's what the different badges mean:

Very good offer: the provider is highly rated and offers an affordable rate

Superb offer: the provider is one of the best-rated and most reliable and offers an affordable rate

Excellent offer: a "Top provider" offering an incredible rate


Top provider" badge

This is the Holy Grail on Yoojo. The profiles that have it are among the providers that offer the best quality of service and the best reliability on our platform.

You can go with your eyes closed, the "Top provider" badge won't disappoint you!


Highly sought-after provider" badge

Some of the service providers available on Yoojo are real stars in their region... They're always in high demand by your neighbours.

When this badge appears, it means that the service provider is in high demand, has applied for other slots and is at risk of being booked by someone else.

You'll be warned!


The "PRO" badge

Are you looking for a professional who can issue an invoice?

You can distinguish self-employed professionals by their PRO badge.

They are the only ones authorised to work with companies.

Profiles without this badge are personal service providers, reserved exclusively for private customers.



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