How do I cancel my service request?

If you have not yet booked any service providers

Go to the "Requests" tab and click on "Manage my request". Then click on the "Modify" button and then on "Cancel my request".

Finally, select one of the available reasons.


If you have already booked a provider
Log in to your Yoojo account and go to your dashboard.
In the area of the job concerned, click on "Manage my request" and then on the "Change or cancel" button.
Then select the reason for your cancellation request from the drop-down menu that appears and confirm.
Another possible cancellation method is to cancel the service provider by clicking on "edit" on your assignment page, then "cancel my request" and selecting the service provider concerned.
If you have already booked two or more providers

Click on "modify" and then on "cancel my request" by choosing the service provider concerned.

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